Heloisa Barroso / Crew

Head Makeup Artist - Heloisa Barroso

Born January 5th 1975, in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil, a Country best known for their yearly "Carnival Parties" and the creativity invested behind these huge parties , Heloisa "lola" Barroso also known as "Elle" to her family and closest friends, was already creating costumes with the help of her mother Carmen at the young age of 4 in order to win best costume prizes in which she did at many Carnival events..

At the age of 8 little Lola relocates to the USA. A New Yorker for 26 years now, Lola traveled and worked various high fashion events from NYC fashion week to Miami and California to name some locations. Lola briefly lived in Dominican Republic touring with her ex-husband Producer/DJ "Wilson Santos" as his and his Record Label 's manager. Always putting a creative edge and input towards his Label, music and parties.

In 2006 after the birth of her son "Dionysus" Lola settles down in NYC where she now resides and freelances her work out of "Zion Artistry And Fashions" as a Makeup Artist/Visual stylist and has been fortunate to work with several successful individuals to name a few from Designer Todd Oldham to actor Steven Baur of "Scarface". Ms Lola continues to follow her dream to push herself to the next level of creativity either be on screen , print or events.

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