What kills a marriage quicker: A physical affair or an emotional one?

Hello "Devotee" followers, supporters & fans!!!  How is everyone?  It took me awhile but I came across a very good article on the subject of infidelity!  In it writer Nita ask what really kills a marriage quicker?  A physical affair or an emotional affair?

Now I know some of you might be saying physical!!!  A spouse has crossed that line once they have engage in sexual activity with someone other then their husband or wife.   But the rest of you might be saying an emotional affair leads to a physical one!  Is that true?  What about affairs that are strictly physical?  Are those lovers strictly gaining what they don't get at home from their wives and husbands in the bedroom????  Click on the article below & decide for yourself.  

Also, enjoy these stills form the film "The Testimony of a Devotee" starring Jewel Redhead.  ENJOY & THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!



Is your partner cheating?

Production Still Production Still Production Still

Hey "Devotee" Fans!!! How are all of you? Question, do you know if your partner is cheating?  Click on the link below and find out: http://www.ktre.com/Global/story.asp?S=12502665

Also, enjoy these production stills I have prepared of the first day of shooting my film "The Testimony of a Devotee".  It was exciting, hard work but we pulled it off!!!!  ENJOY & THANK FOR FOLLOWING!!


A touch of infidelity is only natural, say authors Why are so many people, including world leaders, driven to cheat?

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Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

Hey "Devotee" Fans!!  I'm back to share this link above about authors Cacilda Jetha and Christopher Ryan.  In the article by Ellan McCarthy, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha wrote a book titled "In Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality" coming out this summer.  In the book they discuss biological evidence that humans designed to seek variety in sexual experiences.   

I know that people (married or unmarried) have had many lovers throughout history but that's them!  They are people who cheat, are polygamist etc.  What do you think?  Enjoy this photo still of actress Jewel Redhead in the film "The Testimony of a Devotee" - ENJOY & THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!!


Local Doctor Says Lack of Committment and Loyalty to Blame for Cheating

Hey again "Devotee" fans!!!  Is the notion of commitment between married couples failing?  What drives individuals to devote themselves to their wives and husbands????  How do you keep that spark in a marriage in this day in age?  We all know communication is key in any relationship, but should couples seek out other resources like prayer?  Or speaking to a counselor or trusted pastor?

Checkout the link below with NBC news reporter Tina Terry as she reports how one doctor explains how cheating is the last resort when couples fail to communicate, trust & respect each other.  Link features an article and news report - CHECK IT OUT!!

Here's is another still from my film "The Testimony of a Devotee" starring Jewel Redhead that premiered this pass March - ENJOY & THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!!!
Beautiful Jewel~


The Science of a Happy Marriage

Hey "Devotee" Fans!!!  I came across another interesting article today!  In it author Tara Parker Pope explains how married men and women can stay committed while others cheat.  In our brain lies a chemical called vasopressin that it's known as a "bonding hormone". 

Continue reading to find out how researchers conducted studies on real couples. . .you're gonna be SHOCKED by their findings!!  

Also, here's more stills from my film "The Testimony of a Devotee" for you to enjoy - THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!!
Jewel Redhead in makeup
Jewel Redhead in makeup
Jewel & China

                              For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage


Infidelity, Marriage, Commitment in your Genes?

Hello "Devotee" Fans!!!  Checkout this very interesting article that explains how infidelity, marriage & commitment are in our genes!  That's right - YOU AND ME!  After seeing so many boring articles about Tiger Woods & Sandra Bullock - it's good to read something that speaks about us as a whole on an very controversial issue.  Read and leave your comments!

Also, enjoy this still from my film "The Testimony of a Devotee".  The lovely ladies from my cast (Jewel, Redhead, China L. Colston & Cynthia Braggs) took the time to pose together on the set.

Evelyn S. Oliver
Sapphire Productions
The Wedding Party~


Update News on "The Testimony of a Devotee"!!!

Mother & Son on set

Hello "Devotee" Fans!!!  Evelyn Oliver here!  How are all of you today?  Have some news to share about "The Testimony of a Devotee" since it's premiere last March.  Right now, I'm in the process of preparing the film to submit to festivals.  Networking with a TV station in Trinidad to broadcast the film on their channel - keep your fingers crossed!  

Also, for those who weren't able to make it to the film premiere March 20th but were requesting for me to hold a screening in there state.  Please contact me at sapphireproductions.oliver@gmail.com - I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!  To view "The Testimony of a Devotee" trailer click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2OYIg2yQtQ

Lastly, thank you all for support and for following!!!

Evelyn S. Oliver
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