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Production Sound - Stivan Widick

Filmmaker and cinematic artist Stivan Widick is a native of Northern California where he studied fine art at university while working as a paid student archaeologist. His first proper job as a teen was working for a production company wherein he learned lighting and stagecraft before going to work for Post-Newsweek as a camera operator and editor.

In 2000 Stivanco-founded Persistence of Vision, a commercial production company based in South Florida. His television, short film, and feature projects have carried him as far as New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, and his work has appeared on local and network television, including HBO.

He currently resides in New York City where he provides narrative-driven visual effects and sound production services for independent film and television projects. Stivan survived an airplane crash as a child and although he can now fly a plane, he has never learned how to land.

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