Local Doctor Says Lack of Committment and Loyalty to Blame for Cheating

Hey again "Devotee" fans!!!  Is the notion of commitment between married couples failing?  What drives individuals to devote themselves to their wives and husbands????  How do you keep that spark in a marriage in this day in age?  We all know communication is key in any relationship, but should couples seek out other resources like prayer?  Or speaking to a counselor or trusted pastor?

Checkout the link below with NBC news reporter Tina Terry as she reports how one doctor explains how cheating is the last resort when couples fail to communicate, trust & respect each other.  Link features an article and news report - CHECK IT OUT!!

Here's is another still from my film "The Testimony of a Devotee" starring Jewel Redhead that premiered this pass March - ENJOY & THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!!!
Beautiful Jewel~

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