What kills a marriage quicker: A physical affair or an emotional one?

Hello "Devotee" followers, supporters & fans!!!  How is everyone?  It took me awhile but I came across a very good article on the subject of infidelity!  In it writer Nita ask what really kills a marriage quicker?  A physical affair or an emotional affair?

Now I know some of you might be saying physical!!!  A spouse has crossed that line once they have engage in sexual activity with someone other then their husband or wife.   But the rest of you might be saying an emotional affair leads to a physical one!  Is that true?  What about affairs that are strictly physical?  Are those lovers strictly gaining what they don't get at home from their wives and husbands in the bedroom????  Click on the article below & decide for yourself.  

Also, enjoy these stills form the film "The Testimony of a Devotee" starring Jewel Redhead.  ENJOY & THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!



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