E Talley II speaks about "The Testimony of a Devotee"

E why do you think people should see this movie?

"Infidelity is a powerful force - one that can channel massive destruction or unexplainable euphoria.  All of us, either directly or through someone we know, will encounter the force of Infidelity.  The choices we make when faced with this force will determine in which direction our lives will go.  "The Testimony of a Devotee" ignites the self-reflective process of determining what to do when Infidelity rears its ugly head.  If hit directly by it, will we make choices that heighten our despair?  Or, will we move along a more constructive path that will usher us into a more fulfilling and empowered existence?  The choices are not easy.  But "The Testimony of a Devotee" is the catalyst we need to reflect and productively prepare for that journey."

E Talley II-

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