After Thoughts on The Premiere of "The Testimony of a Devotee"

It's been 6 days since I premiered my film "The Testimony of a Devotee."  The one thing that sticks out from the premiere was seeing my film on a projector screen!!!  I stood towards the back with the lead actress Jewel Redhead and watched the beauty of the film frame by frame.  Seeing the mixture of the audience, friends, family and supporters who came to the event after hearing me on WBAI promoting the film filled me with joy!!!

I knew after that night there was no turning back!  Sapphire Productions and the quality productions I set out to create about women and young girls will make it's mark.  I worked very hard on the film and I have no regrets.  I was very fortunate to have a wonderful production team that brought "The Testimony of a Devotee" where it is today!  I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors & look forward to working with them again!

To my cast: 
Jewel Redhead  - thank you for trusting me since day 1 and hanging in there through the journey of this production!  You were wonderful!  Let's make more films together!

E Talley II - thank you for your talent & humor! You were great!

Deric L. Johnson - thanks for bringing Darius to life!  Your a good actor!  Looking forward to working with you again!

China L. Colston - thanks for being a part of this production, for your craft & humor!  Let's keep in touch!

Zachary Redhead Leconte - thanks for doing a great job in the film & being so helpful on set!  Keep up the good work!

R.J Seikaly - thanks R.J for bringing your talent to this film! Great job & all the best!

To my crew:
Dawn Sprauve - thanks for all your help and needed advice! 

Darell Brown - thank you for keeping things organized in front and behind the camera! 

Christine Pigott - you were a great help! Thanks! 

Jordan Rennert & Zachary Snygg - Thanks you guys! 

Stivan Widick - Great job! Let's make more films!

Paul LaPlaca - it was a pleasure working with you on the film! Many more films to come!

Amber Yoder - thanks Amber! You have been a great help!

Heloisa Barroso & Marlena DeRos - thanks ladies! You have talented makeup skills - great job!

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