Evelyn S. Oliver / Crew

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor - Evelyn S. Oliver

Evelyn S. Oliver was born and raised in Far Rockaway, Queens. Her love for film inspired her to create Sapphire Productions.  A film production company who's mission is to create productions about women and young girls. She is also a freelance videographer and Final Cut Pro editor.

She became interested in film while attending workshops at Center Media.  Her credits with them include "The Speak Out Documentary", "The No No Talent Show" and "The Outspoken Recovery Show". She has also experienced different crew roles on film shoots as a member of the New York Film Collective. With them she has participated in five short films including "Eddy n' Rex (Love the ladies)", "One Dollar", "Thieves", "Stolen Love" and was an extra in an episode of the web series “The Third Age".

Her company's titles include "Why Did You Decide to Vote Today?" and the "SiSTAH Promo". "The Testimony of a Devotee" is Evelyn's first narrative film through her company.

Twitter Page: twitter.com/SapphireProduct


  1. congrats on your new production. so how can i see "the testimony of a devotee"? maybe someday we can work together. lemme know if you're ever interested in using any of my poetry in one of your productions.

  2. Hey K,
    Thank you! I will be holding my first screening of the film this month. Just have a few more things to take care of. Look forward to reading more of your poetry - we should network!

    Please feel free to forward the blog to everyone you know to get the word out.